Art Blog

In this section I will be sharing my experiences with you.

I will be sharing with you

  • My preparation.

  • How I do the sketching.

  • How I go with the real thing.

How I created the realistic looking tomato...

Created with watercolours on paper

After drawing the outline of the tomato I started with the stem. Here first I applied the lightest tones. Then I added the darkest tones and blend them with the mid tones.

In this stage I am half way through the painting. I have already applied the lightest and the darkest tones and waiting to blend with the mid tones.

What I did here was that after adding the mid tones I did adjustments to the lightest and darkest tones accordingly.

Steps of painting "the Red-vented bulbul"

I created this painting sometimes back. I thought to share the painting experience with you. This painting was done using acrylic as the medium and done on a canvas panel. Not like oil acrylic dry super faster and I have to deal with that when creating this painting. I also paid special attention to the leaves depicted in the painting.

Let's go through the steps of the painting process...

First I have done some sketching in my sketchbook to get an understanding of the bird, as I would be able to do a better painting.

Then I gradually stated the background building. Here I paid special attention to the light and the shades.

Finally I started to paint the bird. I this it made me easy I painted the background first. I could easily understand the value differences and paint the bird.